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Interested in a franchise opportunity? We’re already excited you are here! If you’re still reading, chances are you’re contemplating a business partnership. First, we’d like to thank you for considering us. Shawarma Royale is a growing business with a strong brand. We are looking for the most qualified candidates for our expansion plans.


We are proud to tell our story of being the only brand in the QSR industry, in Canada, that serves authentic Shawarma. One bite and you’re taken to that fancy, ancient Syrian restaurant you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Our story is built on the consensus of customers who have ties in both worlds, the East and the West.


Our business plan is to open 50 new locations in the next couple of years. When this is hopefully achieved, we plan on going even bigger; internationally. This is the time for any interested candidates to sign up. Every candidate will be treated and evaluated fairly and equally. However, since positions are already filling up, only the most qualified applicants will be considered and selected.  We encourage you to do your due diligence and explore further details before making your decision to partner with Shawarma Royale. We value and appreciate your interest whether or not our partnership resumes.


We’d love to share more information regarding our brand once we receive your initial inquiry.  You will hear back from us within two business days.

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